The Bawwabi

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The Bawwabi


This introductory calligraphy set, named after one of the great early masters of Islamic Calligraphy, Ibn al-Bawwab (d.1022/412h.), gives you the basic tools needed to get started in Arabic calligraphy, including calligraphy paper. A medium bamboo pen, cut and ready to write, a 2oz dropper bottle of lamp black calligraphy ink, a glass inkwell and silk likka, and 50 sheets of our white calligraphy paper (tip: use a damp q-tip to easily erase). At $18 you save $2 off the cost of these items purchased individually.


  • 2 oz standard black ink
  • 50 sheets standard white calligraphy paper
  • 1 bamboo pen
  • 1 inkwell
  • 1 likka


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