The Sevki

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The Sevki


This set is named after one of the most important writers of calligraphy in history. Mehmet Sevki efendi's primary legacy to the world is his Mesk book of Sulus and Nesih, considered a global guide to calligraphy. The Sevki provides you with a broad set of implements to get started in Arabic calligraphy.

The Sevki includes four pens total, a small, a medium and a large bamboo pen, cut and ready to write, and a medium and small kamish pen. The 4oz dropper bottle of lamp black calligraphy ink and glass inkwell with silk likka keep the right amount of ink on your pen and your work area spill-free. The stand keeps the set organized on your desk, and you have a horn makta to cut your pens on.  At $65 you save $8 off the cost of these items purchased individually.


  • 4 oz standard black ink
  • 1 kamish pen
  • 3 bamboo pens
  • 1 bamboo pen stand
  • 100 sheets standard white paper
  • 1 horn makta
  • 1 inkwell
  • 1 likka


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