The Celi (jali) pen is the traditional tool for large-scale writing in Arabic and Islamic calligraphy.

These pens are handmade from a sharpened nib of hardwood, cut and drilled for ink reservoirs, which is then set into a hand-turned handle.

We are proud to offer two sets of celi pens, both hand-turned from hardwood and designed exclusively for Arabic and Islamic calligraphy.

Complete Boxed Set of 17 Celi Pens

Our exclusive boxed set of 17 pens include 1mm increments from 4mm to 20mm, giving you the full range of pen widths for any size project you may encounter. They are handmade from tropical hardwoods by Munawwar Riza, one of Indonesia's top calligraphers and a student of Davut Bektaş. They are thus made by calligraphers, for calligraphers. They come in a custom-made boxed set. Decorative pen ends may vary slightly from set to set.

Boxed Set of Celi Pens
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To view a video of the Celi pen writing, click the link below.

Here is a 3-minute video of how we make the Celi pen: