The Java reed is one of the most remarkable calligraphy tools used in Arabic and Islamic calligraphy.

Made from a type of Javanese thorngrass, the pen is renowned for its hardness and ability to retain a sharp edge.

In fact, the great calligrapher Hasan Riza (1849-1920) was able to write an entire Qur'an, from beginning to end, with a single cut of his Java reed. Both the Mushaf and the pen he wrote it with are currently on display at the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in Istanbul.

The pen is excellent for smaller scripts such as Nesih, and secondary illumination, tashkeel, of calligraphic works, but These pens are imported directly from Indonesia for use in Arabic calligraphy. We are the only importers in North America of these reeds.

We currently have 5 sizes available: 1mm – 6mm


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We also offer all five sizes of Java pen in a decorative gold-speckled boxed set.

Boxed Java Pen Set
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