The Kelani Pen is a comparatively new addition to the calligrapher’s repertoire.  It is used for very broad lettering, and can hold ink for long strokes across a wide range of papers and surfaces, including canvas. This allows the calligrapher to use traditional inks for both contemporary and traditional style calligraphy.

Those familiar with the work of renowned Iraqi calligrapher Hassan Massoudy will recognize the Kelani pen’s distinctive broad strokes in his iconic work.

The pen is cut at the traditional oblique angle, but also has a 90 degree cut on the bottom which can also be used to write.

The Kelani pen currently comes in 3 sizes: 2”, 3” and 4”. Please contact us if you are interested in larger sizes.

2” - $20
3” - $25
4” - $30

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To view a video of the Kelani pen writing, click the link below.